The List

58. Mindful Living

What do I want to do before I die???


This list is ever growing, so it may change from time to time in order, length, and what’s on it. Be mindful, this list is in no particular order. I’ll also check things off as I go about living my life.

The Challenge: To live. I mean really live. And try to do everything on the list.

Ready, annnnnnnnnd GO!


Study abroad in Australia

Australia                                                                                                              2)

Start a band



Get famous.


Play a sold out stadium show.


Fall in love.



Set foot on every continent at least once.


Go swimming in a bio-luminescent lake. (This one’s in Australia 😀 )

Australia's Bioluminescent lake


Make a movie.

old movie camera silhouette


Make a (at least 1) TV Show.

i’ll come up with more soon, but this is a good start!!


2 thoughts on “The List

  1. This is a really cool idea for a blog and i hope you add pictures and other media showing yourself accomplishing these things. I also like your theme, the balloons really do it for me. I also like how you have a page for your already established list of goals and you are using the front page for posting new ideas.

    • Yea I was thinking of trying to get pictures and videos and stuff once I actually start doing things. I have to work on finishing my list first though, it’s surprising how difficult it is to think of things to do! There’s so much! 🙂 Anyway, thank you!

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