“When the sun goes down, we can start a fire to sit around.” – The Dirty Heads

Australian Surf, with Dolphins in it!!

I had a huge urge to go surfing today, so I figured I’d share some beautiful Australian surf with you guys to make your days a little more sunny, and a little brighter.


On my list: Surf with dolphins. 😀


Blog Commercial

Hello beautiful people of the interweb!!!



Sorry I haven’t posted anything new and exciting in a while, but I’ve actually been suffering from viral plague a little :/ Nevertheless, I am all better now, FINALLY and ready to get back in action, so more posts soon!!! 😀

This is actually another class assignment-based post, in which we had to create a commercial podcast for the blog, so HERE IS MINE!! 😀 How’d I do??

How about them apples??? I figured out how to get it on here. 😀 now if it STILL doesn’t work, feel free to comment.

I’ve actually worked in GarageBand a few times previously, being a musician and all, so creating this podcast was actually super easy and kind of fun! I really like the two songs I chose, Echo by Bad Meets Evil being the first and Skin of the Night by M83 being the second (TWO AWESOME SONGS – I’ll post them in the music section when I’m done here). But yea, I really like creating podcasts actually, and maybe I’ll do a few posts like that in the future. I think it’s a really neat way to get connected with readers of a blog since it gives them what they usually lack, which is your actual voice. It’s just a cool medium in general, it’s kind of like having a little radio show! Which, I am a part of 90.3 The Core radio at my school, so radio is definitely something I’m very passionate about. I like working with SoundCloud too, I think that the way that the website is formatted really promotes easy use and easy uploads and searching, but the problem was it kept deleting my post because it apparently infringed on some sort of copyright – which if you ask me is really annoying when I own both of the songs that I used, but whatever. Either way, I ended up using Google Drive and an app called UJAM to upload my song, which seemed to have worked out pretty well! I did have a little trouble, I will admit, when it came to saving the podcast file in an upload-able format, but eventually I got it. For those of you who don’t know, in GarageBand you have to click “Share” and then “Export to disk” to create a malleable file that can be uploaded – and since it’s easier to work with, I saved mine as an MP3, but it gives you options. Anyway, over all I really liked this assignment and am eager to see what next week brings!!

More posts soon to come! Catch ya later!! 😀

New Header Creation

So because this is a blog that I set up for a class, I had to create a custom header using images I gathered from the internet. Being very experienced in Photoshop and other image editing software, as I used to want to be a graphic designer (still sort of am a freelance designer ;P, shameless plug, tell your friends), this assignment was not difficult for me at all. Here is the final product:

The problem that I did run into was with my theme. I love my theme, I think it really works with my blog idea, but the theme doesn’t work with a header. The header pushed the font down and was hidden by the balloons, but I didn’t want to change the theme because I really like it. So what I decided to do was make my custom header the header of my about page so that it still serves it’s function but doesn’t disrupt the flow of the blog’s homepage. I think it works, I really like the header I came up with.

The images are various places around the world that I thought were beautiful and unique and really went with the wanderlust theme of the blog. I didn’t alter them too much actually, because they were such gorgeous pictures, but I did make them a little brighter and make the colors stand out a little more. Then I mashed them together and added text; it was fairly easy stuff as far as editing goes.

If you want to know where I got the pictures from, I put the links at the end of my About page. The words are lyrics from the Awolnation song “Kill Your Heroes,” which is one of my favorites.

I know the assignment was to put the header at the top of the home page, but honestly I just thought it didn’t do the blog justice. I hope it’s alright where I put it, and I hope you guys like it!


More posts to come soon!! 😀

Thanks everybody! :)


Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who left really nice comments! This seemed easier than commenting on everyone’s at once, and to be honest I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but HEY thought I’d try to make my own life easier. 🙂

Anyway, your comments are so nice and I’m definitely happy to take any ideas/critiques if you guys have any!

So glad you like the blog and I hope you keep reading, ’cause I’m definitely going to keep posting! 😀

Ok adding this to the list.

One day, I will make these.

Homemade Twix Bars

yes, that DOES in fact say Homemade Twix Bars.

Just take a second to soak that on in.




So yeaaa, I’m definitely adding this (and probably a variety of other foodstuffs) to the list of things to do. 🙂

om nom nom.



Snowboarder Jussi Oksansen, South Island, New Zealand

Had to share this because it’s soo cool. If I could snowboard….

Well there’s something to add to the list right? Learn to snowboard.

One day, I'll get around to numbering these..

(…Although I don’t know about snowboarding on glaciers – I may just leave that to the pros.)