Hyperlapse Photography – Memes

Hi guys! So this week in class we had a discussion on memes, their history, and their impacts on internet popular culture. It was really interesting because memes aren’t normally a subject that you think much about, you just use them to share humor or other things without really delving into the idea of them. But really, memes are a very intriguing aspect of our pop culture, and involved in more than you would think.

So using the website Know Your Meme, I’ve decided to share with you all something that I found really interesting – Hyperlapse Photography. Hyperlapse photography is this kind of photographic film making that involves “revolving the camera around a fixed point” and then speeding up the pictures in post-production, putting them together to create an awesome, super-speed kind of movie. It’s all explained on the website. But this is really cool when you think of the idea of travel and touring places. I think using this technique, like in the video shown on the website, you can take a quick tour of a city before going there and see what it’s like in a really cool super speed style. It would also be a neat way to share vacation photography, creating a high-speed video of a compilation of things from vacations or places you go or things you do! Anyway, check it out! I’ve seen this a couple of times before, and I think it’s a really cool idea and meme that’s spreading around and there’s a lot you can do with it. Also, check out the website! It’s a great place to find memes and other cool stuff to share! 😀

Hyperlapse Photography



One thought on “Hyperlapse Photography – Memes

  1. Wow, this would be a really cool idea for vacation photography. I have never seen this before and I love how you found a unique form of media to relate to the meme assignment that also works really well with your blog. Awesome job!

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