Let’s Get Serious for a Second Though…

Hello all you lovely people!

So I have a shameless plug to do for a class assignment. Self-promotion is one of the most valuable tools available to writers in today’s digital world, as popularity is more or less equivalent to success on the internet. Therefore it is extremely important to promote everything you do. So, in exchange for giving you guys some tips on self-promotion, I will humbly ask that those of you who like what I do here to please use the tips to help me promote myself! Pay it forward, ya know?

So social media is one of the most powerful tools at a self-promoters disposal. The “share” button on Facebook alone has the power to make 300,000 users available of a litter of puppies that are for sale (that actually happened to my neighbor, not kidding). But sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. are all great tools for self-promotion and promotion in general.

Now here’s where I come in. You guys want some karma points don’t you? If you are to use those powerful social media tools sitting at the tip of your fingers, you can help me promote my blog. With promotion comes more followers. With more followers, I will have the power to include more feedback in my posts, shape my blog based on feedback, and create more interesting and fun posts based on the type of growth and fan-base I develop. The more fans I get, the more this blog can grow, and the fans that I have already can enjoy that growth while being able to say, “I was following it before it was cool!!” (Hipster glasses optional).

How can you do this you ask? Wellllllllll…… Statuses!!! Just post a status with my link, Tweet about it, Instagram a screenshot, or post to your Tumblr! These are easy things that take only a moment, so for the benefit of my blog and your karma, feel free to promote! And I will pay it forward for sure! 🙂

Thanks y’all!


One thought on “Let’s Get Serious for a Second Though…

  1. You’re pretty good at persuasion! By the end of your post I felt like I had to share lol. You’re a good writer, and I always seem to enjoy your posts because it feels like you’re simply just talking to me. I like the informal approach.

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