On The Air

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but I am a DJ for 90.3 The Core, a Rutgers based, student-run radio station, and I’ve had a few shows this semester! Woo!

It was something that I wanted to get into since my first semester, so it’s so cool to think that I’m doing it now and that I’m having a great time with it.

I joined last semester and it was so much information!! I was terrified to go on air because we have to operate the board ourselves and there’s SO MANY BUTTONS!!!

During most of my training, I was more or less thinking:

BUT! I got a show! And I’ll admit, my first one didn’t go well. Like at all. It was actually terrible. Started off with about 2 minutes of dead air, played announcements over and over again because I kept hitting the screen, couldn’t figure out the CD player so I wound up playing songs I didn’t even know or like – BASICALLY everything that could have gone wrong went SO INCREDIBLY WRONG.

But the next show, I decided not to panic. And then I got the greatest invention known to mankind:

THE RCA CABLE! Now I can play directly from my computer!

So finally, I am able to, using that beautiful wire, connect to my laptop and play songs straight from my vast library on iTunes (6,000 songs strong and growing!). Anyway, so my last show went great! I finally, after four shows, figured out the board and am able to use it competently!


…. anyway, SO my show is called The Summer Vibe with DJ Niks (That’s me) – Saturdays at 1 PM, on 90.3 FM The Core. If you want to check out some of the music I play, here is the set-list from my last show, and I’ll be posting what I play from now on every Saturday! You should check out The Core, check out my show, check out la musica. :)))))))

St. Walker – Young The Giant
All Over Again – Lost Royals
Can’t Get Away – Third Eye Blind
Tiptoe – Imagine Dragons
Supremacy – Muse
Weight of this World – The Kingston Springs
Rocket – Home By Hovercraft
Color On The Walls (Don’t Stop) – Foster The People
Kittens – Herra Terra
What you Know – Two Door Cinema Club
Quesadilla – Walk The Moon
How Will I Call You – Water Liars
Setting Son – Teenage Kicks
Company – Third Eye Blind
Summer Vibe – Walk Off The Earth
A Modern Age – The Strokes


(all gifs are from gifsforthemasses.tumblr.com)


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