“Because it’s so good to believe.” – Third Eye Blind

(Technically, this is my midterm assignment blog post, but I also missed a lot of prime-posting time because this week has been crazy, so here is me getting back on track.)

SO I thought it was time that I told you all about my beautiful idea for a beautiful study abroad trip to beautiful AUSTRALIA.

That’s, right, I’m headed to the great down under to swim with sharks and play with kangaroos in my senior year, and I’m so excited.

So basically here’s my plan:

I’m going to go in the Fall of my senior year. I’m going to spend the summer beforehand working myself to the ground to make sure I can pay for it. Then I’m going to go. I’m going to have an awesome, super-fantastic, amazing time. Then I’m going to come home and commute for the second half of the year to help cover the cost.

Not bad huh?

What are some things I’ll be doing??

Funny you should ask, dear internet friends.









So you can see where my excitement comes from. The main thing that I am going to have to work really hard at is…



I have to work crazy hard not to overspend so I don’t wind up not having enough money to make it back.

However, that fear aside, I’m very excited for my trip! It should be an amazing once in a lifetime experience!

Keep an eye out for more posts, when my trip comes closer I’ll post tips on how to save/apply/plan for a Study Abroad experience. 🙂

If anyone has any Study Abroad experiences they would like to share, feel free to leave beautiful comments! Excelsior!



7 thoughts on ““Because it’s so good to believe.” – Third Eye Blind

  1. Your Australia trip looks like it would be awesome! I love how you were able to change the color and font of some of the text. Looks super cute! Wish I knew how to do that. It looks like Tumblr with your added videos/pictures

  2. My girlfriend did her study abroad program this past fall and she LOVED it! You’re going to have an amazing time there. Better check out the great barrier reef before it’s gone for good lol and Kudos to you for really thinking things out to ensure how you’re going to pay for it. Good Luck Mate!

  3. That sounds fantastic, I’m super jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia but I don’t think I’m going to end up studyihg abroad before I graduate. That’s awesome that you’re planning on going though, I hope it all works out!

  4. Australia sounds so fun, I really hope that works out for you. BUT BE CAREFUL, it’s home to pretty terrifying creatures, kangaroos and koala bears aside. You’re free to google that, but I don’t encourage doing it before you go to bed.

  5. Sounds awesome ! I’m going to Ghana with Rutgers International Service Learning Study Abroad Program at the end of May. I’m über excited even though it’s not a traditional study abroad program and I was born there. Through the application process I learned that there are various resources to help students who want to study abroad. There are lots of scholarships out there! Especially during a regular semester (not as many in the summer/winter). So take a visit to the Study Abroad office and just questions.

    Also, have you heard of Semester at Sea? It seems like something you would enjoy. I have 2 very close friends who have been in that and I was actually going to so it too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to take time off to travel study in the program because I had too many responsibilities here. Everyone that has been on Semester at Sea’s voyages claim it changed their lives. They too give scholarships so you should look into it!


  6. This sounds so awesome!! A few friends of mine are there right now studying abroad and they absolutely love it! I’ve always wanted to study abroad but I don’t think it’s going to happen but I love hearing everyone else’s stories. Have a great time!

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